About Us

Thank you for taking the time for getting to know us!  We are a non-union New Hampshire company since 1996, based in Bow, NH.  Our model for this business is, and has always been, to provide exceptional customer service and quality.  We believe that one-on-one customer relationships will never go out of style, and understand the importance of listening closely to our customers needs and reacting promptly. Through years of operation our staff has become well versed in projects of every size and type.  Fully insured crews with the proper equipment, experience and attitude along with an office staff that understands all the aspects of a given project continue to make your experience with Tri-State Curb a beneficial one.

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Project Manager/Estimator

Direct: 603-769-8369
E-mail: darren@tristatecurb.com


Project Manager/Estimator

Direct: 603-769-8370
E-mail: matt@tristatecurb.com

Scheduling Coordinator

Direct: 603-369-4756
E-mail: mark@tristatecurb.com

Doug at Tri State Curb


Direct: 603-290-5680
E-mail: doug@tristatecurb.com


Cell: 603-398-0016

Linda at Tri State Curb

Office Manager

Direct: 603-290-5305
E-mail: linda@tristatecurb.com